Our Mission

We strive to create a safe place for creative womxn of colour.

a creed is to foster the growth and creativity of the bipoc community.

We are here to give a platform for those voices less heard. To provide opportunity for growth, connections, and further development.

Our passion is storytelling. Our love is boundless.

We want to feature the voices of women, transgender women, and non-binary folk of colour. We are here to raise you all up and push you further.

We are the WwocC: The Women Writers of Colour Collective.

Our goals:

  • publish a digital quarterly journal featuring the works of the brightest writers, artists and creatives (with an aim to move to print publication in the future)
  • foster a community so that no matter where you are in the world you have somewhere to turn to (join our facebook group to connect)
  • feature voices, stories, essays, artworks on our online platform
  • conquer the patriarchal landscape we exist in