About Us

These are the fabulous womxn of the WwocC.

Janet Rose Nguyen


Janet Rose has been thinking of the WwocC for a long time. She knew it was something that needed to happen and she dreamt long and hard on it. Then, she met Chattrisse and Honey and found motivated women who were down to share in this vision with her.

Janet Rose has always been in trouble. She remembers staying up past her bedtime to read books with a nightlight, and keeps up that habit to this day. She is currently working on her first novel and has written various short stories, short screenplays, poems, and blogs.  Her short story “Found At A Yard Sale” received an Honorable Mention at the President’s Creative Writing Prizes. She currently serves on the Bursary Committee for Firefly Creative Writing.

She also moonlights as an actress and currently resides in Toronto. She is completing her Screenwriting and Creative Writing degree at York University.


Chattrisse Dolabaille

Chattrisse Dolabaille is a writer and performer who is passionate about telling narratives which, along with their protagonists, have been “othered” for far too long.

She started in the music world and then broadened her scope to include acting, keeping a pen firmly in her hand (she may one day write as many screenplays as she has original songs). Two of her first short films, which she also acted in and co-produced, have screened in numerous international film festivals.

Her first feature placed her as a Top Ten Semifinalist for the 2019 Canadian Film Festival’s screenwriting competition; it is a coming-of-age story set in Chattrisse’s hometown of Toronto. Predictably, she wrote the entire soundtrack.

Honey Singh

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