Black Love: To Be Affirmed In This Universe

“All of the beautiful things that you can dream for yourself, envision for yourself, you can achieve them”

I received those intimate words as confirmation. It was confirmation of the power within me. Confirmation that I’ve already produced magic when I had manifested you.

In the moment of me typing these words, it made me realize I regret everyone that wasn’t you. That wasn’t capable of battling this world with me with their head high, shoulders back, and armed with a hundred roots and the blueprints of their ancestors.

They were incapable of together meeting our shadows with the full intent of conquering ever battle while presenting naked with me.
Dreaming of you felt impossible for so long . I couldn’t even see my identity.

The more I discovered the truth of me I was able to envision your beauty. I envisioned a person who walked through this galaxy while leaving imprints of love and authenticity.

“I believe it because I dreamed and manifested you. I rejected everything that wasn’t you; wasn’t matching my wonder and greatness”

Every day that I am blessed with you in my life I am completely in awe with the vibrations of energy you curate. Your words alone provoke my spirit to rise to its truest heights.

At that moment I realized I ought to humble myself and bow in the presence of a supreme being. Now we embrace hands and journey into the black hole of love and truth.

This morning my manifestation was affirmed.

Roady Walker

Roady is a 30+ year old Black, radical, queer person born and raised in the Midwest and currently living in the D(M)V. Their identity is rooted in  authenticity, love, kindness, Black Liberation, and queerness. Writing for eyes beyond their own is a new found love.

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