the WwocC


to a platform made to raise the voices of womxn of colour. Our quarterly publication is in the works and our first issue is slated for release in Fall of 2020. We are seeking works by writers, poets, artists, and creatives of all type. Please send in your essays, your stories, your poetry, your screenplays, your photography and your illustrations.

August 26, 2005. New Orleans. Daytime Visiting Hours at Orleans Parish Prison. It’s hotter than hades, heat index of 105 degrees. The air conditioning in the visiting room ain’t the greatest. Sounds of laughter, arguments, even tears from other conversations are faintly heard in the background.

Neha is a fourth- year Psychology student at the University of Alberta. Her poetry has been featured in anthologies for the National Poetry Institute of Canada, Polar Express Publishing, the City of Edmonton Poetry Moves on Transit and many others.